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  • Modern Free Society and Its Nemesis.

    …U.S. “superclass elites” are aware that “publicly acknowledged robber-barons plutocracy” is deeply incompatible with “American cultural ideals of democracy and political equality,” even “dangerous” to their vested interests. Hence, these elites tend to strategically keep their plutocratic power “out of sight and so out of mind.”

    If keeping such a political system “out of sight” results in it being “out of mind” for most Americans, then plutocracy is the best kept secret in American politics and society. Yet, many Americans are increasingly disillusioned by and cynical about wealth operating ever-increasingly as the “mother’s milk” of U.S. politics and adopt the heretic phrase “the Best Democracy Money Can Buy.” As a result, plutocracy, thus oligarchy and “caste politics” may be or is likely to become the “worst kept secret” in America.

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